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Published July 08, 2015, 07:45 AM

Consider E30’s value

Petroleum keeps winning. Far too many Americans have shamefully surrendered to petroleum’s propaganda.

By: Orrie Swayze, Farmer

Petroleum keeps winning. Far too many Americans have shamefully surrendered to petroleum’s propaganda.

Petroleum claims E30 will blow up standard engines. Obviously, the surrender is unconditional, because ethanol’s own mainstream organizations and environmental groups do not even dare to boldly declare in print: “It is legal for standard auto owners to protect their own children from up to 80 percent of gasoline’s known human carcinogenic benzene emissions — simply by fueling with ethanol’s E30.”

The World Health Organization and others advise, “there is no safe level for benzene air concentrations.” Benzene is also the most toxic component in cigarette smoke, a known human neurotoxin, carcinogen and mutagen and more toxic than lead.

I have read other editorials on the American Medical Association’s research “Pollution’s Double Toll on Babies Brains.” Along with already-reported cancers, heart disease, etc., this research concludes gasoline’s benzene and benzene-related emissions, often referred to as “PAH” also destroy brain matter, especially in babies, before and after birth. Brain damage is reflected by lower IQ, attention deficit and many other behavioral complications.

Like lead, benzene causes brain damage, lowers IQ, creates behavioral complications birth defects such as spontaneous abortions, asthma, cancers, heart disease — conditions that do not necessarily surface immediately after birth.

All auto engines and catalytic converters manufacture benzene from xylene and toluene aromatic octane enhancers with which the Environmental Protection Agency has illegally allowed refiners to replace lead octane.

This effectively makes every auto an unregulated benzene manufacturing and distribution system. Benzene often escapes out the tailpipe. Substantial quantities of benzene in an engine and catalytic converter end up parked in your attached garage to poison your entire home.

A UCLA research report, “Pollution Impacts on Infants and Children” reports “the most vulnerable life stages to benzene are from conception to birth. Even with diluted short-term benzene exposures found in lower traffic density areas, these outcomes (birth defects etc.) are not rare, and translate to relatively large numbers for a given community” says UCLA’s Beate Ritz.

The George H.W. Bush administration courageously proposed cleanup of benzene’s “air toxics” by focusing on replacing benzene related octane boosters (aromatics) with ethanol. A clear result was passage of the 1990 Daschle-Dole Clean Air Act amendment requiring removal of gasoline’s aromatic octane content to the maximum extent achievable.

Since lead octane was introduced, petroleum’s propaganda and government regulators have locked ethanol out of meaningful octane market participation. Ethanol’s two-carbon molecule does not contain or produce benzene or other known human carcinogens. The Department of Energy defined and endorsed the assertion that “super premium” E30’s octane will nearly eliminate auto benzene emissions when blended with aromatic clear gasoline.

Rural opportunity

Skeptics will chuckle, but rural America has an amazing opportunity to create hundreds of billions of taxable profits in America.

We can stop our shameful, traitorous transfer of America’s agricultural wealth to foreign oil companies: A transfer that has little or nothing to do with free enterprise.

Rural America’s leaders can vigorously support national precedent-setting communities such as Watertown, S.D. Watertown’s Lake Area Technical Institute partnered with the South Dakota Corn Growers Association to create the nation’s first E85 flex fuel car. The 1988 Chevy Corsica was on its more than 150,000-mile trouble-free journey simply by fueling it with seasonally adjusted E85. These seasonal ethanol volume adjustments for E85 also were then adopted nationally as flex fuel vehicle production began.

Watertown’s Sioux Valley Cooperative courageously challenged propaganda to set a national precedent by installing the nation’s first 10 still-operating E85 blender pumps.

Today, thousands of standard car owners across the nation protect their children from poisonous benzene emissions. They simply use blender pumps to fuel with lower cost “super premium” E30.

Imagine if Watertown or any community does not shamefully surrender to petroleum’s propaganda. It decides to kick the regular unleaded, E10, E15 benzene-producing habit completely to exclusively select lower cost, more powerful, higher-value, super premium E30.

Editor’s note: Swayze is a Wilmot, S.D., farmer and past president of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association.